Team Submissions


regarding the 3-submissions-per-team rule:

Do they need to come from separate accounts?
Or can you even put all three predictions in the same zip file?

Each team is allowed to submit up to a maximum of 3 ‘approaches’, all of which will be scored and ranked separately. You will upload each approach as a separate submission (i.e. separate ZIP files, with only that approach’s prediction files in each; however, if you have a single PDF describing all 3 approaches, just re-include that same PDF with in all of the ZIP files). For each submission, you can type a new signifying ‘approach name’ (as a title for that approach / methodology / algorithm), which will cause a new approach should be created; if you re-resubmit to an existing approach, it will overwrite your previous submission to that approach.

You should NOT have multiple accounts from the same team submitting, as this may cause you to unintentionally exceed the 3 approach per team rule.

Please let us know (via private message if necessary) if you have any additional questions about this.

I have two accounts. Could you help me kill one? I also need to change the name of methods. thanks

Hi @qcy1,

Sure, we can help with that. Can you send a private message with the details?

Hi Brian,

It seems that I can not find the new message button.

Hi @brianhelba
I have also sent you a private message in this matter.
Thanks in advance

Hi @brianhelba,

There is no button for new message in my . Is there any other way to send private message? Thanks

Hi @qcy1,

I’ve just sent you a private message, which you should hopefully be able to see and respond to. Follow steps 1-3 at How to send a private message to challenge organizers to find this message.