Winner announcement and learderboard

Would a leaderboard be available? I want to know ow our team did

Yes - we are finalizing the leaderboards asap and they should be up today. Thanks for participating!

Is the current leadersboard that is displayed the final leadersboard, or will there be anymore update to come on the same?

Can we expect an official announcement and invitations today as well?

One more question: are the prizes for teams or submissions?
Thank you in advance!

Dear ,
I participated in your challenge but the file that I sent was not suitable for your reading.
The sent file is with the requested extension,
but the problem was occured the two columns of the file were stuck together.
Of course this was my mistake. Is it possible for me to send my file and send me only classification accuracy?

Best regards,


We will be opening a live challenge with 2019 data in the near term - stay tuned! At that point you’ll be able to submit and get accuracy results!

Hey, any updates on when the live challenge will be issued?

Sorry for the delay. The 2019 Live Challenge is available now at