When does ISIC Live Challenge come back

Hi all,

Thanks the organizers for your effort of running this interesting competition.

I have two questions related to the Live Challenge.

1, When do you reopen the leader board for the ISIC Challenge?

2, This year, does the Live Leader board contain 9 classes instead of 7?
In the test set of Live Challenge 2018, I realize that image id ISIC_0035068 looks like a traffic light, but there only 7 classes to submit. If there is UNKnown class, I would give it to UNK.

Best regards,

Nga Nguyen

Hi @nganguyen

To follow up, the submission platform for ISIC Live: 2018 Task 1 and 2018 Task 3 has been up for about a week now, and we’ve been able to migrate all of the past submissions. We’re now confident that the system is ready for general submissions.

You can make a submission here: https://challenge.isic-archive.com/
You can view the leaderboard here: https://challenge2018.isic-archive.com/live-leaderboards/

As for ISIC_0035068, please feed it to your classifier as you would any other image and submit the prediction. All of your predictions must be fully automated, so manual inspection of your results is discouraged.

The full ISIC Live 2019 challenge (containing 9 classes and the larger set of test images) will be coming within the next few weeks. We’ll make an announcement when that happens.

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