Test Labels

Hi there! Now that the deadline for task 1 is complete, is there any chance we can get access to the groundtruth file for task 1? I have results, and while I did not take part in the challenge, I would really like to see how good my model was with the test dataset (:

Hi, we will not be releasing the ground truth of the test set. We will, however, reopen the submission system at a later date for continued research. Stay tuned.

Hi Noel,

Is there any way for me to test right now without having to completely table the project for an unspecified amount of time?

I simply just want to test my model. My model has shown pretty solid results this far, and it’d be interesting to compare my predictions in any way.

Once again, I’m really not looking to participate in the challenge but just don’t want to completely table the work that I have been up to.

The only way to test your model will be to submit predictions to the scoring system once it’s back online after the challenge. This is done to help mitigate the risk of the community overfitting the test set. The submission rate will be limited to a certain number per week, as yet to be determined.

We will be posting the timeframe soon, it should not be long after the challenge closes. Thank you for your patience.

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Could you tell me if the scoring system is still available. I would like to test a new solution

Sorry for the delay. You are now able to submit and view the results of your solutions on the 2019 Live Leaderboard at https://challenge.isic-archive.com/leaderboards/live