Test data ground truth labels for ISIC 2018 challenge

Hi Sir,
I am not able to locate the test data labels from your challenge link.
Can you please provide the link to the test dataset’s ground truth labels as soon as possible.

Hi @sameer96, the easiest way to get to the test-set metrics would be to submit your prediction to the live-leaderboard: https://challenge.isic-archive.com/task/51

Instead of that can I not get access to get to the test data ?

Hi - the public leaderboard is the preferred way to evaluate on that test set: It provides reviewers of journals & conferences an independent trusted evaluation, encourages respecting real test data, reduces risk of blurring lines between test- and training data leading to biased results, and discourages ‘wacky boosting’.

If there are any requirements of you not covered by the platforms’ functionality, and need anything beyond please contact the ISIC team via challenge@isic-archive.com