Task 3 Submission requires ordering by 'image' column


I have an issue with the submission, my algorithm does not sort rows by the first - ‘image’ column by default.
When the output IS sorted by the first column, my validation score becomes almost 5x times bigger than for the as-is output.

I double checked that the results are equivalent (except for the sort order).

Andrey— Thanks for catching this. I’ll make sure the team notes that— we clearly assumed the output of the images was in a certain order, but if we don’t specify that, of course it will result in squirrely results like you noticed… Really sorry about that; will let you know and/or send an update once we update the instructions and/or FIX the issue…

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Thanks for the fast response, David! I changed the algorithm to return sorted data and scores improved, just wanted to make this potential issue visible to other participants.

Hi @andrey.i.sorokin,

The scoring has been updated to handle the unsorted case. Thanks for raising this issue.

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