Task 2 Groundtruth

It seems that all 2600 training images in task 1-2 correspond to the same groundtruth – each original image corresponds to same five masks named “network”, “negative network”, “streaks”, “milia-like cysts”, “dots and globules”, as shown in the folder ISIC2018_Task2_Training_GroundTruth. Have I misunderstood something? Thanks.

Hi Dandi,

Thanks for reporting this issue. We’re working on it and should have a resolution soon.

Yes we apologize; the script that is generating the ground truth clearly had a bug in it which we unfortunately didn’t catch until after the first zip bundle was posted. We will be fixing this ASAP, regenerating the bundle, and send out an additional reminder.


Hello @dandic ,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We certainly apologize for the corruption in the original Task 2 training ground truth data.

We have just released a new corrected bundle, ISIC2018_Task2_Training_GroundTruth_v2.zip, which may be downloaded from https://challenge.kitware.com/#phase/5abcbb6256357d0139260e5f again.

If you encounter any additional issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you so much for the new released ground truth. The download link works.