Submission per a team


In 2018 challenge, 3-submissions-per-team rule.

I wonder whether this rule is same to this year, 2019 challenge, or not?

Also, if 3-submissions-per-team, 1-manuscript-per-submission must be submitted, or not?

3 submissions per team. Institutions (such as universities or companies) are only allowed 1 team. Whether you submit 1 or 3 unique manuscripts is up to you, but every submission needs an associated manuscript.

Each team is allowed unlimited number of submissions per “approach” however only the most recent submission will be counted toward the leaderboard.

To submit three submissions that will be scored, submit three “approaches” using the submission system. We suggest that these be submitted and clarified within the description field and within the submitted manuscript PDF(s) about how the submissions are different from each other.