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Removing Test Submission

Dear Organizing team,

We have made a submission yesterday for the Task 1 and we did not include the manuscript along with our submission. Based on the new submission system we should add the PDF into a zip file along with the prediction masks and upload it again.

Now, I have a request, if you could remove our previous submission so we can make a new fresh submission with paper included.

One more point to mention, we have to methods to submit. Shall we create another submission with a new name? or there is other requirements?


Hi @vesal,

Simply make a new submission (this time including your PDF in the ZIP file) with the same approach, and it will overwrite the previous submission to that approach. Only the latest submission to each approach counts.

If you have another method, then the solution is to submit it under a different approach (you’re allowed up to 3). Rather than select an existing approach on the submission form, create a new approach by entering a different approach name (and fill in all the other information). Each of your different approaches shows up independently on the leaderboard (so you have a chance to evaluate them all).

Let me know if you have any other questions.

I have submitted the test results images as .jpg image format. is there any problem for it?

@mksarker1 This is incorrect. The prediction masks should be single-channel PNG images, just like the Training ground truth masks.

Per the instructions on the Task 1 description:

Response Data
The response data are binary mask images in PNG format, indicating the location of the primary skin lesion within each input lesion image.

Mask images are named using the scheme ISIC_<image_id>_segmentation.png, where <image_id> matches the corresponding lesion image for the mask.

Mask images must have the exact same dimensions as their corresponding lesion image. Mask images are encoded as single-channel (grayscale) 8-bit PNGs (to provide lossless compression), where each pixel is either:

  • 0: representing the background of the image, or areas outside the primary lesion
  • 255: representing the foreground of the image, or areas inside the primary lesion

As the primary skin lesion is a single contiguous region, mask images should also contain only a single contiguous foreground region, without any disconnected components or holes. The foreground region may be of any size (including the entire image) and may abut the borders of the image.

Thanks @Brian

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