Question re: new classification category

Now that there is an SCC category for 2019 that wasn’t included in 2018, I’m wonder: does ISCC/BD count as actinic keratosis or SCC?


Well, at least in dermatological books, BD (assuming it’s Bowen’s disease) is also defined as SCC in situ. So, I think it makes sense to put it along with SCC.

Thanks - as far as I understand the question, we have added granularity to the HAM10,000 data from 2018 to 2019. The 2018 AK/IEC category has been subdivided to separate AK from SCC.

Where are you seeing the ISCC/BD category? For the Training Data for 2019 we have performed the subdivision as well. Let me know where you are seeing this and I can be more helpful thanks!

Thank you both so much for your reply!

It is not that I am seeing ISCC/BD in the 2019 Training Data. Rather, I am working with another dataset (not as part of a submission in the contest) and would like to standardize it to be as much like ISIC as possible, since the ISIC contest will lead to papers and what not that shape the field :slight_smile: