Q. arXiv manuscript submission form

Dear Challenge Organizer,

I have a few questions about submitting the arXiv short paper (4-page).

1.1 Is the short paper limit 4-page? If so, should reference be included on the page?
1.2 Can supplementary be added in situations beyond 4-page?

2.1 Should a short paper be prepared in accordance with MICCAI 2018 submission format?
2.2 Does it matter which format the PDF,. tex file is submitted?

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Hi @normal.hyuk

We asked for 4-pages as a proxy to ensure a minimum quality of submissions. We are also going to screen submitted manuscripts for quality - not as a strict peer review, but to see that descriptions of used techniques go beyond, for example, a mere “I participated” showing the example images, a single training loss curve and the submission score.
Of course you are free to submit a longer article incl. supplementary pages.

We did not specify a submission format, so at this point commonly used latex formats such as the generic article format or for example those from llncs or IEEEtran articles are fine.

arXiv highly recommends submitting the latex source. Beware, there can always be hickups when submitting to arXiv, so we suggest to start the registration and submission process as soon as possible to allow for troubleshooting.

As mentioned here, please make sure to have the changed current reference for the HAM10000 dataset:

  author    = {Philipp Tschandl and
               Cliff Rosendahl and
               Harald Kittler},
  title     = {The {HAM10000} dataset, a large collection of multi-source dermatoscopic
               images of common pigmented skin lesions},
  journal   = {Sci. Data},
  volume    = {5},
  year      = {2018},
  pages     = {180161},
  doi       = {10.1038/sdata.2018.161}
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