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Publication Mechanisms

Dear organizer,

i think the site is missing information about publication mechanisms. Last years ISBI challenge stated some “rules” for publication:

  1. Participants will be invited to expand their abstract into a full-length journal manuscript for submission to an IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (JBHI) Special Issue on Skin Lesion Analysis. Details to follow.

  2. Participants are permitted to publish their work to alternative journals of their choosing. However, these must be submitted after the IEEE Special Issue has been published.

Can you provide information about this years challenge?

Thanks and best wishes,

Christian Kromm

Hi @ck1.kromm,

I realize this is a late response to your question, but just to answer this for the record, you are permitted to publish your results in any other venue of your choosing. We have no publication embargo on 2018 Challenge results.

Of course, many participants did submit 8-page papers to the MICCAI workshop, which is peer reviewed.