New process for submission of manuscripts

Greetings Challenge participants,

As a result of an unforeseen decision by the moderators of arXiv to no longer accept additional manuscripts from the ISIC Challenge 2018, we are updating the procedure for submission of these manuscripts. Note, this is a change only to the submission procedure, and keeps in place the longstanding requirement that all Final Test submissions must have an associated 4-page manuscript of sufficient detail (such that an individual with reasonable skill could re-create the work in a reasonable timeframe).

Going forward, all submissions to the Final Test phase must have an upload of exactly 1 ZIP file. This ZIP file must contain (within it):

  1. Your algorithm’s predictions (as a series of PNG images in Task 1 and 2, or as a single CSV file in Task 3)
  2. Exactly 1 PDF file, containing your manuscript.

At present, the deadline for submissions and manuscripts both remain at the end of the day, July 27.

Finally, note that after consultation with arXiv administrators, submission manuscripts will be combined into a single challenge proceedings document which will be uploaded. All challenge manuscript authors will be listed as authors on the uploaded document. This ensures that all submitters have their manuscript available in a citable location on arXiv. Of course, submitters remain free to also independently submit and publish their work in other venues.