New platform for ISIC Live

Greetings ISIC Live participants,

We are migrating the ISIC Live Challenge to a new submission system. Please expect some downtime today (July 17) as we complete the upgrades. I will post here when the new system is ready.


Hello again ISIC Live participants,

The new ISIC Live Challenge submission system is online:

We encourage you all to start using this for Task 3 submissions. Task 1 and 2 are temporarily disabled, as we finalize the migration.

When do you think task 1 and 2 will be available?

I need it for my thesis and I would like to know if I will be able to make any submission before the deadline for my thesis

Best Regards,

Hi @francoisdelarbre,

We’ve been somewhat focused on supporting the ongoing 2019 Challenge, but we want to keep ISIC Live available as a community resource for people exactly like you.

We hope to get Task 1 and 2 of ISIC Live up within the next two weeks. When is your thesis deadline?


Hi @brianhelba,
Thanks you for your answer !
I replied by mail last week but apparently it did not arrive.
Anyway, The deadline is tomorrow (August 20th) but as I only need the test set to evaluate my final solution, if it’s ready in next week it will be soon enough for the thesis defence.


@brianhelba When do you think live submission for task 1 will reopen. Since I and assuming that most of active participant need to evaluate their results and have thesis deadlines coming up this weekend. Please look into the urgency and indicate the possible time when the submission and leaderboard of task 1 will be activated.


The new ISIC Live leaderboard page is now ready to display, but some of the results submitted before the platform update are lost, which has a very important impact on me and most of the participants who are writing the paper. The situation is very urgent and the deadline for the paper is coming soon. Does the data will be recovered, or reopen the live submission for task 1?

Best Regards,

Hi all,

To follow up, the submission platform for ISIC Live: 2018 Task 1 and 2018 Task 3 has been up for about a week now, and we’ve been able to migrate all of the past submissions. We’re now confident that the system is ready for general submissions.

You can make a submission here:
You can view the leaderboard here:

we can’t see our model performances if we are not in the 200 first (rank total 200) ??

Hi @sami,

Yes, I see your issue. I’ll update here when this is fixed.