Maximum number of times results of test data for ISIC 2019 can be submitted?

What is the maximum number of times the results of test data for the ISIC 2019 challenge can be submitted for the competition? Will it be unlimited number of times or or just 10 times like the Live challenge?

Also, does the team member needs to form a joint team account to make the submission, or can they make the submissions individually representing the team?

Please create a joint account for your team. Making individual accounts to get past the restriction on total submission numbers is not allowed and may result in being disqualified.

The total number of submissions per week is being determined and will be communicated soon.

Thank you.

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And what is the maximum number of submission for the test data?

Please give the maximum number of submission for the test data.

There is no cap on submission rate. You can overwrite submissions as often as you like. Though you only get to keep a total of 3 submissions per team.

So does it mean that you will take the latest one as the final submission instead of the best one among the 3 trials?

Hi @michelleshih ,

The submission system will only allow you to create 3 approaches per team. The most recent (CSV file) submission to each of these approaches will be used for leaderboard rankings. The top-scoring approach (which you won’t know in when submitting) will determine your placement on the leaderboard, though all approaches (up to the maximum of 3) are attributed to your team.

As @brianhelba says there may be some nomenclature confusion:

  • there are three maximum “approaches” that each have their own little description and PDF associated with them

  • each “approach” can have any number of submissions however only the most recent will be accepted