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Leaderboard: Multiple Team Submissions same approach?

Dear Organizers,

Thank you for hosting this challenge! Now that the leaderboard is released I have the following question:

I assumed one team can submit 3 submissions if each submission describes a different approach (each described separately in a PDF) and not just different settings of the same algorithm, e.g., one submission with data augmentation and one without. Given the current leaderboard, I see multiple teams having 3 submissions but clearly, they are not different from each other and all have the same PDF. So, in the end, it was possible to submit different settings of one algorithm and could have declared it as a “different” approach? Thanks!

Indeed, we did not enforce that each approach have its own different 4-page manuscript. However, all submitted approaches must be associated with a manuscript and must be reproducible from it, including those that simply have different hyperparameters.