Last year challenge prize

Our team achieved first rank in task 2 last year, but we couldn’t get our award because of US sanctions (as organisers advised), which I think is completely unfair and demotivating. Although I live in another country (UK) and sanctions are not applied to me, organisers demurred at giving us the award.
I have sent couple of emails but got no response or very vague responses.
I hope they could help us to secure our rights, so these issues won’t disappoint other groups like us to participate in new challenges.

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Ooof I live in Canada, hope this does not effect us as well…


The prizes, as for 2018, have been generously provided by MetaOptima, IBM, and Canfield Scientific and distributed by Canfield Scientific, a US company, and are subject to any restrictions incumbent on the sponsor(s). Winners will be asked to identify a recipient individual or entity who will be required to provide tax documentation (U.S. citizens- IRS form W-9, non-U.S. citizens Form W-8 BEN).

Thanks for your response,
Can any of other team members provide tax documentation (non-U.S. citizens Form W-8 BEN) for receiving the prize?