ISIC 2019 Lesion diagnosis + Err too many redirects

Hi all,

I can see that the submission page for ISIC 19 is live.

Mt first questions is that up until yesterday each submission delivered through email what I consider to be the validation score on a small subset of the test dataset. Will there be any scoring on the whole test set and when will this kind of information (specific metric scores for each of the individual classes) be available to us?

Moreover, as of yesterday I get the error ‘Too many redirects’ each time I try to submit my results on the submission page. I can see that this was an issue of the past too but there are no instruction on how to fix it.

Could you please give us any updates on these?

Thank you in advance for your time and help.

Best regards,

Performance metrics over the whole test set are displayed on the Live Leaderboard at

Please let us know if the ‘Too many redirects’ error remains an issue.