ISIC 2019 Challenge Test Data Release

Dear ISIC Challenge participants,

We are excited to announce the launch of the ISIC 2019 Challenge test submission period. We apologize for the delay in release of the Challenge test data, and have altered the timelines accordingly.

We have four announcements to make:

  1. Due to the delay in test data release, we are shifting all deadlines for the ISIC 2019 Challenge by 3 days :

    • The image-only task will be due August 12th, 23:59 EDT.
    • The test set meta-data will also be released on August 12th, 23:59 EDT, and the meta-data task will be opened for submissions.
    • The meta-data task will be due on August 19th, 23:59 EDT.
  2. The image-only test dataset for the ISIC 2019 Challenge has been released. The data includes 8,238 images across 8 diagnostic categories, plus one “out-of-distribution” class not represented in the training dataset, which submissions must identify. Submissions will be ranked according to balanced accuracy (average sensitivity across all categories). Please visit the following page to access the test data for scoring:

    Submissions should be uploaded to our automated submission system at:

  3. This year teams will be encouraged to optionally submit Docker containers along with their submissions. Teams that choose to submit Docker containers may be invited to participate as co-authors in a subsequent study of algorithm performance. A template for a Docker-embedded algorithm may be found here:

  4. After the completion of the ISIC 2019 Challenge, the submission system will be temporarily closed and later reopened as a continuing Live challenge (date to be determined) to support ongoing research efforts. The training data may also be updated for the Live challenge to reflect changes to annotations collected after subsequent inspections (<1% of training data affected).

We thank you for your participation, and encourage you to post questions or comments to the forum:

ISIC Challenge Organizers