ISIC 2019 Challenge Image + Metadata Test Submission Period

Dear ISIC Challenge participants,

We are excited to announce the launch of the next phase of the ISIC 2019 Challenge, where algorithms must use both images and metadata to classify lesions. Accordingly:

  1. The test set metadata for the ISIC 2019 Challenge has been released. This consists of 8,238 patient metadata entries, corresponding to the 8,238 images which have already been released. You may download the test metadata here:

  2. This phase requires that algorithms actually incorporate metadata information into their decisions. Manuscripts must document the details of how metadata is used, and approaches without this documentation will be disqualified. More details on the submission requirements can be found here:

  3. All submissions should be uploaded to our automated submission system at:

  4. This year, teams are encouraged to optionally submit Docker containers along with their submissions. Teams that choose to submit Docker containers may be invited to participate as co-authors in a subsequent study of algorithm performance. A template for a Docker-embedded algorithm may be found here:

  5. The submission deadline for this phase is now August 23, 2019 at 11:59 EDT .

  6. After the completion of the ISIC 2019 Challenge, the submission system will be temporarily closed and later reopened as a continuing Live challenge (date to be determined) to support ongoing research efforts by the community at large.

We thank you for your participation, and encourage you to post questions or comments to the ISIC Forum:

ISIC Challenge Organizers