ISIC 2019 Challenge Deadline Extension

Dear Participants,

We are implementing a second and final deadline extension:

  • August 16th, 11:59PM EDT: Images-only task submission deadline
  • August 16th, 11:59PM EDT: Test meta-data release
  • August 23rd, 11:59PM EDT: Meta-data + images task submission deadline
  • August 30th, 11:59PM EDT: Winners announced

New submission documentation has been posted to the challenge website, reflecting information that was conveyed in the forum:

In particular, please be aware of the following:

  • PDF Submission: Consistent with the ISIC 2018 Challenge, an uploaded PDF document, at least 4 pages in length, describing your approach, must be included with your submission. A single PDF can be used across multiple submissions if all methods are properly described.
  • Validation Score: All submissions to the ISIC Challenge are immediately issued a validation score. This validation score is not intended to be used for algorithm ranking or evaluation, but is provided for a sanity check of submission data. For reference, a random submission generates a validation score of about 0.3.
  • Secondary Metrics: The primary ranking metric is balanced accuracy. However, an array of secondary metrics of significant clinical value are also computed, such as sensitivity and specificity for each category. Post processing score normalization other than softmax are recommended, but not required, in order to boost secondary metric performance. Please see Submission Process Instructions for more details.