Is there a way to update the manuscript in an approach?

I know we can update the submissions, but is there a way to update the manuscripts in an approach?

change the name of the approach

Unfortunately, I’ve already reached the maximum number of approaches. I have 3 different approaches.

Click the pencil icon near your approach name and you can edit the approach and change the PDF.

You should be able to change the approach using the pencil icon located here. However, there seems to be a bug which requires changing the approach name as well.

Thank you @noelcodella and @dan.lamanna for your reply.
As you mentioned, I clicked the pencil icon near the approach name and tried uploading the document, but while I submit, it throws an error saying:
‘An approach with this name already exists for the Lesion Diagnosis: Images Only task.’

It’s most likely the bug that you mentioned that is preventing me from making changes. I have 3 approaches already submitted, I cannot change the name.

A fix was released a few minutes ago if you’d like to try again.

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Thank you so much for the quick fix. It worked.

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