How to view my ISIC 2019 Results/my ROC Curve?

Hey guys, just submitted my results to ISIC 2019 live and had a problem which I wanted to ask if anyone else had? I was uploading my results to make sure everything worked and wanted to ask how do I see my evaluation metrics? I can see the metrics for the ones on the actual leaderboard but my score was only around 0.111 (I’m using a basic softmax response, i.e. 1 - max softmax value as a prediction for the UNK class). Can I see my ROC curve if I’m not in the top 200? I was planning on trying MC dropout and Bayes By Backprop afterwards so maybe they might score in the top 200 but I’d like to be able to see my results for the basic softmax response as well.

Thanks for reading! Any help would be appreciated.