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Error occured uploading to s3. what should I do? we cannot upload submissions

Dear Organizing team,

We encounter a serious problem. The page gives the same error tips all the time, and the error message is “Error occurred uploading to S3. click to resume upload”. We retried hundreds times, but we can not upload the submission yet.

What should I do? Is there alternative way to submit our results?


Hi @dawnstar,

We’ll look into this right now. Please be assured, we will not reject your submission, since it is ready well before the deadline.

@dawnstar Can you provide any details about your geographic location? What region of the world are you in? Are you operating behind an institutional firewall that might block Amazon S3?

Thanks for your quick reply. I just uploaded a submission successfully, but error occurred again when I submitted a new one. It seems the network is very unstable. I will try all the time.
By the way, could you delete a previous informal submission named “FCNs” for task1 in a few days ago.

Thanks again.

@dawnstar Great, I’m glad you were able to get an upload to work. I assume that the issue is due to connectivity issues near you, which hopefully will clear up over time.

If your previous “FCNs” submission was to the Validation phase, there is no need to delete it, as there are no limits on the number of approaches for Validation submissions, and no reason to keep validation submissions clean.

However, if your “FCNs” submission was to Final Test, then in order for me to delete it, I’ll need a little more information about your user name or email address on our submission site. Please send this information via a private message if it’s necessary.