Enquiry on data use

Hi organizer:

I found that in the ISIC 2017 and 2016, there indicates “All the data and annotations presently within the ISIC Archive are licensed for free public download and use, under the CC-0 license.” but it’s not written in 2018 challenge description. Shall I ask whether the data in 2018 still public to use in research and education purpose?

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Hi @duhao10086,

The HAM10000 dataset is licensed as CC-BY NC 4.0 as mentioned at https://challenge2018.isic-archive.com/task3/training/.
So, with proper attribution you can use if for academic research and education, but not for commercial purposes.

Hi Philipp,

Thanks for your reply and clarification.

Shall I ask whether it is the same case for task 1 and 2?

Thanks and Regards,
Du Hao

I have no knowledge of what images are being used in the validation- or test-set of these tasks. As far as I can see all training images originate from CC-0 licensed datasets of the ISIC archive.