Downloading images using ISIC-CLI

I followed the instructions for downloading images using ISIC-CLI, but it downloaded only 1000 images. I also tried to download the images by applying filters using the example command given on ISIC-CLI below, but it gave me an error.

isic image download --search ‘diagnosis:“basal cell carcinoma”’ images/

I want to ask how I can download images of specific categories from the ISIC archive.


By default the CLI only downloads 1,000 images. You can add --limit 0 to disable the limit and download everything.

What was the error?

Hi Thank you for your reply. I copied this command from github and got this error.

(base) C:\Users\Syed Qasim Gilani>isic image download --search ‘diagnosis:“basal cell carcinoma”’ images/
Usage: isic image download [OPTIONS] OUTDIR
Try ‘isic image download -h’ for help.

Error: Invalid value for ‘-s’ / ‘–search’: Invalid search query string “‘diagnosis:basal cell carcinoma’”

Thank you I can download all the images by using --limit 0, but please guide me how I can remove this error. I want to download contact polarized and contact non-polarized images only.

Hmm, quoting works differently inside of a Windows prompt, try something like this:

isic image download --search "dermoscopic_type:""contact polarized"" OR dermoscopic_type:""contact non-polarized""" --limit 0 images/

It is working now. Thank you very much.

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