Can teams using external data appear on the leadeboard?


Will there be two separate leaderboards for using and not using external data?

If there is only one leaderboard, can one team submit models that use and do not use external data at the same time?

And I want to know if the team using external data can appear on the leaderboard, although it can’t be given the awards. Suppose I am the first, but I use external data, which means I won’t get a bonus, but I can still appear on the leaderboard as the first place, right?


Any team can use external data, and are still eligible for awards.

You are welcome to submit two approaches, one using external data, and one not using external data.

but several days ago, you said the award would only give the team who do not use extra data?

Please reference the conversation. Awards are given regardless of data usage. The last discussion where this was mentioned was in the following thread 5 days ago:

Where I had mentioned:

“The awards are given out not based on external data usage at this time.”

Thank you.

Seems like there is a lack of clarity about “are not based on external data usage” - it means that the hosts do not take into account external data usage to determine the leaderboard or the awards. However, we do require that you notify us about whether you used external data.

thanks a lot

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