arXiv abstract deadline extended

Greetings Challenge participants,

In response to feedback about the scheduling of final submission deadlines, we’ve made the following revisions to the Challenge timeline:

  • July 27th, 2018:

    • Test results and associated arXiv manuscript submission deadline: 11:59:59pm EDT
  • July 31th, 2018:

    • Winners announced, and speaker invitations sent

The significant change is that we will now expect all Challenge-associated arXiv abstracts to be submitted by July 27 (changed from July 23). Since arXiv abstracts typically take at least 2-3 days after they’re submitted to be made public (before which time we cannot see them either), we also are extending the winner notification date to July 31 (changed from July 29) to provide adequate time for abstracts to be released.

Any teams that do not update their submissions with a publicly-visible arXiv abstract link by July 31st will be deleted before the leaderboard goes public. We will be releasing additional guidance on how to submit and update links to arXiv abstracts soon.

For further context, arXiv’s 2-3 day moderation delay was the original rationale of our earlier arXiv submission deadline. However, it is a reasonable concern that last-minute algorithm revisions ought to have time to be included in both the data submission and the associated manuscript.