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Are participant from all countries eligible for the challenge prize?

I wanted to know if there is any restrictions for participation of people from specific countries in the ISIC2018 challenge. I’m from Iran, I want to know if I am eligible for the challenge prize, or am I boycotted from participation due to challenge or governmental rules?

Hi @mositemp,
Thank you for your question. Challenge-wise we of course don’t make any restrictions to participants regarding the leaderboard, we only require abiding to the rules and providing an article alongside the submission.

As challenge organisers we naturally also want everyone to be eligible for the prize. We are in contact with the company sponsoring the prizes to check whether there are any external restrictions and will keep you updated on this matter.

Hello @tschandl

Thanks for your reply.
So, I’ll wait to hear your sponsors opinion.

@tschandl @brianhelba
Did you checked this issue with the sponsors? Do you have any updates on this matter?