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A question regarding new process for submission - task 3


I got an email from ISIC challenge organizer about the new process for submission. It is mentioned that we should zip the pdf of our manuscript and “algorithm’s predictions (as a series of PNG images in Task 1 and 2, or as a single CSV file in Task 3)”. I am doing task 3 and I think we are allowed to submit 3 different prediction files from different methods, right? So what I have to submit is a zip file containing one pdf and 3 different csv files?


Hi @shimaxy,

Please see the response from this thread: Team Submissions

Each team is allowed to submit up to a maximum of 3 ‘approaches’, all of which will be scored and ranked separately. You will upload each approach as a separate submission (i.e. separate ZIP files, with only that approach’s prediction files in each; however, if you have a single PDF describing all 3 approaches, just re-include that same PDF with in all of the ZIP files). For each submission, you can type a new signifying ‘approach name’ (as a title for that approach / methodology / algorithm), which will cause a new approach should be created; if you re-resubmit to an existing approach, it will overwrite your previous submission to that approach.

and this thread Removing Test Submission

If you have another method, then the solution is to submit it under a different approach (you’re allowed up to 3). Rather than select an existing approach on the submission form, create a new approach by entering a different approach name (and fill in all the other information). Each of your different approaches shows up independently on the leaderboard (so you have a chance to evaluate them all).

If you need any additional clarification, have questions, or even want me to verify that you made your submissions correctly (once they’re all submitted), feel free to follow up here.